If you’re a student and you’d like to talk in confidence to a trained counsellor, I can help. 

I offer supportive counselling for students experiencing a range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, stress and many other issues. Sessions take place online, using Zoom, and I offer concessionary student fees.

As an experienced university counsellor, I understand the pressures and challenges of student life. I provide a safe and encouraging space for you to process difficult feelings and decide on the best way forward - without the long waiting lists or limited number of sessions in NHS and university counselling services.

Whether your problem is big or small, counselling can help you gain insight into yourself and your situation. I will listen, without judgement, and support you to make postive changes in your life. I will help you discover your strengths, reach your goals, and find a healthier and happier way forward.

Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out more about counselling and consider whether it's right for you. 



​​There are many different reasons why students decide to begin counselling. You may be experiencing the following:​

  • Struggling with deadlines or study pressures

  • Feeling hopeless, unmotivated or unable to focus

  • Avoiding socialising or other usual activities

  • Feeling stressed, on-edge or anxious

  • Sleeping all the time or struggling with insomnia

  • Changes in appetite or eating habits

  • Feeling negative about yourself or your life

  • Experiencing conflict or difficulties in relationships

  • Feeling empty, numb or low

  • Smoking or drinking more than usual, or taking drugs

  • Struggling with persistent, disturbing thoughts or ideas

  • Facing difficult decisions about studying or career

  • Feling uncertain about your identity

  • Struggling with sexuality or gender

  • Thinking about self-harm or suicide

Whatever is bothering you, and whether your problem is big or small, counselling can help. Get in touch to book a free consultation and consider whether counselling is right for you. If you choose to continue with counselling sessions, I offer a student discount.