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Training workshops are available for your workplace, school or organisation to promote good mental health and increase happiness and wellbeing. Sessions are led by Laura Duester, an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and happiness facilitator, who has worked with a range of organisations including universities, businesses, schools, and performing arts companies.


There are two popular themes available (see below), however bespoke workshops can also be arranged if you have any particular topics in mind. Workshops can be delivered in-person in Bicester or Oxfordshire, or online (via Zoom). Please contact Laura to discuss your requirements or make a booking.
Water Lily


Learn the science and art of sustainable happiness! Drawing on tools and research from positive psychology, this workshop explores different ways to define happiness and considers what makes us feel truly contented.


The workshop will cover a range of simple, actionable techniques to boost wellbeing, including gratitude, relaxation and mindfulness. We’ll also explore different models of happiness, and attendees will create their own unique happiness toolkits.


10 Days of Happiness

Want to learn how to be happier? In this FREE online course, you'll gain key skills and techniques from positive psychology to feel better, increase your wellbeing and enjoy life.

This course is open to absolutely anyone, and takes just 10 minutes a day over 10 days.

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