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Employee counselling

Expert counselling and psychotherapy in Bicester, Oxfordshire, designed to promote wellbeing, reduce stress and improve mental health for staff and employees

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Individual counselling

One-to-one counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help employees overcome stress, life problems and other mental health challenges.


In-person or online sessions

Therapy sessions (50 minutes) take place on weekdays, and are conducted face-to-face in Bicester, Oxfordshire (OX26) and online (via Zoom). 

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Accredited psychotherapist

Therapy is provided by Laura Duester PNCPS (Acc), a qualified, insured and DBS-checked psychotherapist with extensive clinical experience.


Statistics taken from Deloitte's Mental Health and Employers report (2022)


Increase employee satisfaction, mood & retention


Decrease sick leave, presenteeism, burnout & staff turnover 


Demonstrate commitment to employee mental health & wellbeing


Enhance productivity, work performance & team morale


Get an average return of £5 for every £1 invested in staff mental health

Therapy packages

With poor mental health costing up to £3,710 per employee per year, staff counselling/psychotherapy is a cost-effective way to improve staff wellbeing, retention and performance. 

Two therapy packages are available to suit your budget and employee needs. All include an end-of-therapy report to give an overview of therapy work and progress made. For multiple employees, please enquire for discounted packages.


Contact Laura for further information and booking.

07874 627313

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